Spring Cleaning - Is It In Our DNA?

It’s that time of year again.  Days are getting longer, more sunlight and warmer temps.   Have you noticed there’s also an urge to clean like you’ve never cleaned before?  It’s not just cleaning, but organizing, purging, rearranging.   Let’s face it, none of that sounds fun or definitely not how I would want to spend my weekend.  But the more it gets put off, the louder the stronger that urge becomes.  It’s almost primal.  So, the next question seems to be… is it?

Spring cleaning can be traced back through time for over a millennia.  Think about winter back then in North America and Europe – cold, damp, dark … long.  Humans don’t hibernate per se, but we do get sluggish, sleep and eat more in wintry months.  Our energy levels naturally dip along with the light.  Now, imagine the first day where light lingered a bit longer and the temperature a bit warmer.  Ta da – more energy!  Those caves and huts suddenly seem like they need a bit of tidying up.

Fast forward a few hundred years and spring cleaning can be found to occur at the Persian new year – Iranian Nowruz – which falls on the first day of Spring where the entire house would be thoroughly cleaned.  Similarly, there’s also a Jewish practice of cleaning the house from top to bottom in anticipation of Passover.  March and April typically are the best times to perform this seemingly innate ritual because the weather would allow for windows and doors to be thrown open letting in the winds to carry away dust.  Back in the old days, coal stoves and oil lamps would leave residues and dust on everything, so one would also wash down walls and hang out laundry, quilts and bed linens to air.

These days, our houses are more air tight, we have central HVAC to keep air moving and filtered.  But they’re also full of chemicals and fumes from cleaners and microfibers our relatives and ancestors never had to deal with.  Spring cleaning is still a good idea and our modern homes can still benefit from a good scrub down.

So, listen to your DNA.  Give in to that urge to scrub.  Pick a nice sunny day with moderate temperatures and get to it.  Open the windows, strip down the bedding.  Take it outside and air in the sun.  If you can take the mattress out, then do it – you’ll rid yourself of millions of dust mites.  Dust and sweep behind everything – yes, move furniture and appliances so you can get behind and under them.  Vacuum everywhere even the blinds and drapes.  Don’t forget to clean the ceiling fan blades and light fixtures.  Then, go tackle the dreaded closets, basement and garage.  And when it’s all done, revel in the cleanliness and affirmation that you won’t have to do it again until next year.

 A Tip from Roost Home Watch

It may seem a bit overwhelming.  Where do I start?  We’ve put together a checklist to keep your cleaning fervor organized.  Download our Spring Cleaning Checklist here.  Sound like too much trouble?  Maybe you have a home that’s been closed for the winter and you need it opened up.  Roost Home Watch is here to help with our On-demand Concierge Service

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash