We’re fortunate that real estate in the Greater Asheville Metro Area continues to be strong. That means Realtors and Lenders are busy as ever and juggling a lot of different and sometimes competing details. Banks often have an inventory of bank-owned properties requiring a level of effort to manage until resold. Why spend your time on these details when Roost Home Watch can do it for you? Let us be your ally.

Commercial Property Services

Pricing varies depending on service. Let’s talk about how we can best partner.

We Offer You

  • Home watch service & 24/7 environmental monitoring for vacant properties

  • Manage & coordinate staging, cleaning, repairs and more for homes needing to be market-ready

  • Garden & lawn watering

  • Severe weather response

  • Local contact for alarm companies

  • Service provider management

  • Keyholder service

Your Benefit

  • Roost becomes your asset to close the deal with clients who are wary of purchasing a second home or have a listed vacant home

  • More time to focus on the client and the competition

  • Peace of mind for you & your client